The Consistory

In the Reformed Church in America, the Consistory is the local governing body. It is composed of Elders and Deacons. The president of the Consistory is the Pastor. Our church has four Elders and four Deacons. They are elected by the members of the congregation an an Annual Meeting. Both of these are offices in the church to which people are ordained. They make a serious commitment to the church and take a sacred vow before God. In the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns, the office of Elder and Deacon is held for a term of three years.

ELDERS (L-R) Renee Chillemi, Keith Elder, Dr. John Phillips, David Kim
Keith Elder
DEACONS (L-R): Lauren McBride, Vincent Heintz, Kevon Lewis, Rire Nakpodia

Kevon Lewis

A Deacon is ordained to a ministry of mercy. As Christ fed the hungry, comforted the poor, and healed the sick, so the Deacon is ordained to this ministry of compassion. The Deacons seek to provide assistance to people who are in need through the benevolence of the church.