Since 1697

Infants are baptized at Old Dutch today, just as they have been for well over 300 years.

Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving made the Burying Ground the haunt of the Headless Horseman in his well-known story.

Renovations to Ease Access to Old Dutch for Disabled and Elderly Are Planned for Next March

Design for the new entrance to Old DutchThe church has received town approval to go forward with the construction of an enhanced entrance to the Old Dutch Church (pictured). Work is expected to start in March and be completed by June, in time for next year's summer worship season at Old Dutch.
   The renovations will greatly ease access to the church for disabled and elderly persons. Specifically, there will be a more welcoming stairway to replace the uneven stones, a new wheelchair ramp and an expanded landing at the threshold.The expanded platform will permit gatherings, which are not possible now.
   The enhancements will make the church accessible to everyone, no matter what disability they may have, says the Rev. Jeffrey Gargano, adding, "Just as we have been gifted this marvelous house of worship by previous generations, we now have an opportunity to enhance it for future generations."

Thanksgiving Service

The annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will be held this year at Temple Beth Abraham at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

Plan Ahead for the Holidays

Dec. 1  Tree Lighting & the story of Sinterklaas, 6:00 p.m., Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow
Dec. 3  1st Sunday of Advent & Brunch, Town Clock Church, 42 N Broadway, Tarrytown
Dec. 10  2nd Sunday in Advent Musical Offering during worship, Town Clock Church
Dec. 12  Christmas Dinner, 6:30 p.m., Ammerman Hall. Tickets at the church office
Dec. 13  "O Holy Night," 7:30 p.m. at Old Dutch Church. Tickets;
Dec. 17  Children's Christmas Pageant, 10:30 a.m., Town Clock Church
Dec. 24  Worship services: 5:30 (families with small children), 7, 9 & 11 p.m., all at the Old Dutch Church

"Getting Our Dutch On" at the Tarrytown Halloween Parade

Weekends with Deb at the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow

Honoring 332 Years

Old Dutch Church book coverIn 1685, when it was built in the wilderness north of New York City, the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow brought comfort and community to isolated pioneer families. Succeeding generations treasured the old church, the only house of worship in a wide area until 1837, when members of Old Dutch built a larger church nearby then another a few years later. Yet somehow they didn't abandon the old church, which continues to this day to host the congregation every summer for worship services. What was it about the church on the Pocantico River, made famous by Washington Irving's Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Read about its rich history and colorful characters in The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow: Legends and Lore of the Oldest Church in New York. It is available from the church office at (914) 631-4497, or order it online here.

Christmas Eve at the Old Dutch Church