Meet the Staff

The Rev. Jeffrey Gargano, Pastor
Accepted the call of the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns in 2009. Previously served as pastor of the Reformed Church, St. Thomas, Virgin islands, for 14 years.

Nanette Malera, Administrative Assistant

Mi-Won Kim and Jeremy Goldsmith, Music Co-Directors

Patti Kreamer (left), director, with the staff of New Beginnings Nursery School

  • "Spooktacular Sip & Sketch" Set for October 30

    Click here for flyerReservations are being accepted now for the Spooktacular Sip & Sketch, a fundraiser sponsored by the church to raise money to improve the stairs and entrance to the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow. It will be a fun and memorable evening for participants. Two dates have been set, October 2 and 30 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Painting instructor Barbara Beckmann will guide participants step-by-step in creating the featured paintings. We'll provide all the painting supplies, light refreshments and beverages.

    For the children: From 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on October 2 and 30 children ages 6-12 are invited to join in their own Spooktacular Sketch event.

    Fees are $75 per adult (21 and over), and $40 per child (ages 6-12).  Call (914) 631-4497 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your spot. All proceeds will benefit the Old Dutch Church Accessibility and Restoration Project. We hope you will join us in this fundraising event and help enhance the Old Dutch Church for future generations to enjoy.

  • Update on Church Properties

    In a recent newsletter, the Rev. Jeff Gargano announced the sale of one building and purchase of another. The property for sale is the manse, in Philips Manor. ""This home has not been occupied by a pastor for nearly ten years," he wrote. "This is in keeping with the trend away from pastors living in church housing. As you might imagine, pastors today prefer to be in a position to live in their own homes." The church will purchase a house at 4 Dell Street, better known as the William Smith Memorial Building directly across the street from the Citgo station, just across the Pocantico River from the Old Dutch Church. "Our plan in purchasing this property is to convert it to classrooms for our children, meeting rooms, an Old Dutch Church Welcome Center, a preparation space for brides, bathrooms and a much better venue for the Old Dutch Fest," the pastor wrote. As soon as the transaction is complete, the church will begin the necessary renovations.

  • Old Dutch Church 330th Anniversary Spooky Sip & Sketch Fundraiser

    Join us on Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. for an unforgettable evening of "sketching" while sipping on a glass of wine as local artist Barbara Beckmann guides you step-by-step through the featured painting of the Old Dutch Church. We provide the wine and all the painting supplies, so just bring yourselves and invite a couple of friends. All proceeds will benefit the Old Dutch Church Accessibility and Restoration Project to provide handicap accessibility and to restore pathways along the historic grounds. Buy your tickets here  or call our office for more information. We hope you will join us in this fundraising event and help enhance the Old Dutch Church for future generations to enjoy. 


  • Nursery Care for the Summer

    Tia with Whitney Jon with Whitney and Peregrine in the play yard.

    We are so happy to provide nursery care during the summer.  Nursery care is not a simple matter at Old Dutch Church. Our space, as is the space for Summer Sunday School, is the cemetery.  Play yard fencing is established every Sunday morning among the grave stones by Jon.  The yard is "furnished" with yard toys such as rakes, grabbers, a wheelbarrow, balls and bubbles. Thank you, Tia for providing nursery care through June. Thank you, Jon for providing it for the remainder of the summer.

  • Wii Believe Goes to York Lake July 13, 2013

    Wii Believe participants voted to continue meeting every Friday night during the summer!  The meeting times have been getting longer and longer.....well, too often, I'm bringing the teens home between 11:30-12 midnight.  So, on July 12, we decided not to go home and sleep comfortably in our own beds.   Wii, pizza, more wii, and a movie or two,..then lights out at 2 a.m.  We all "slept" in the Friendship Room.  Thank goodness for AC.  We needed some sleep before our trip to York Lake the next day.

    5:30 a.m., time for Kevon and me to go on a donut run to Dunkin' Donuts.  Thank you to his uncle, who works there, for preparing our order!  6:00 a.m. was time for breakfast and brush teeth.  We loaded up the two minivans and piled in, 5 in one, 7 in the other.  Everyone was supposed to leave electronics in Pastor Jeff's office.  Well, the car with 7 obeyed. (And that car had a DVD player. What a temptation!)  I heard Mark was the DJ, and lots of laughing could be heard.  Rob was at the wheel.

    Sandra drove the other minivan.  It was nice and quiet!

    Samantha (left) and Sandra, who drove

    Samantha and Sandra, in the quiet van.
    Mark and Chris try their luck at fishing.

     We drove through heavy showers, wondering if York Lake was going to be worth the 2.5 hour drive.  When we arrived, some of us threw on sweatshirts and jackets as we stepped out of the car.  Brrrr.  However, the fishing poles were quickly fished out of the vans, and with tackle and bait in hand, the group plodded over to the bridge.
    Not being experienced fishermen, the boys took advice from Samantha, and continued to fumble with their lines.  At the end of the day many fish had been caught and set free.  Unfortunately, several died while in captivity.  Other teens did not take to fishing with hooks, but chose the plastic grocery bag and bucket method.  Surprisingly, and with much boasting afterwards, several had been caught!

    Nathan, catching fish in a bag.
    Deaglan and Nick try out the kayaks.

    Nathan wins the prize for being the first in the cold water.  He came out only to eat!  As the air warmed up, others went in and even challenged one another to chicken fights.

    Rob helped us set out on kayaks.  We paddled through water lilies and passed what seemed to be a beaver dam.
    Some of us found kayaking so peaceful that we slept beyond our time limit.  Wait, how does one paddle and sleep?

    Scott and Rob played soccer.

     The boys have fun in the water.
    Scott and Rob on the soccer "field"

    Lunch and dinner.....Mmmm good.  Sandra was the master chef!

    After dinner, the sun was beginning to set, flies, like little bombers, began to descend on us.  It was time to pack up and say "Goodbye" to York Lake and Mr. Wingate, Rob's dad, who shared his fishing gear and York Lake's history.

    Chef Sandra dishes up dinner.
    Happy, if tired, group at day's end

    We were all exhausted, but we had to have one last picture of us altogether (well, minus the photographer).

    On the way home, we stopped for a creamy Dairy Queen.

    Thank you, Rob for organizing and being everywhere for everyone.  Thank you, Mr. Wingate, for hosting us.  Thank you, Sandra, for cooking.  Thank you, Rob and Sandra, for driving.  Thank you, Samantha, for "lifeguarding."

  • Summer Sunday School, a Bible Lesson

    Sunday School learns about ZacchaeusOne Sunday, the lesson was Zacchaeus's story of meeting Jesus.  In this picture, the Sunday School children were asked to climb the dogwood tree and look for the "parade" to see Jesus.  Then, I called them down saying, "Zacchaeus, come down from that tree, for I am coming to your home to have dinner with you."  And that is the Jesus I know.  He continues to want a relationship with us, no matter how awful we are.

  • Confirmation Sunday, June 9 2013

    The three boys who designed the liturgy for June 2nd's service and who confessed their faith before the Elders of the church the previous Sunday did not know, a month ago, that they would be standing before the congregation confessing their faith.  At baptism the Church made a promise to raise them up to love God.  After studying God's Word together and volunteering in numerous church sponsored activities, this Sunday was their time to stand up publicly before God and the congregation and say, "The Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior."   Amen!  May the Lord, whose love is everlasting, continue to work in them.

  • Wii Believe Plays Hide 'n Seek

    June 14, 2013: One would not believe that some of these boys have hiding spots that remain a secret!
  • Concert at Old Dutch Aug. 17

    Caroga Lake Chamber Music Festival instrumental artists with Kyle Price, Artistic Director

    An ensemble from the second annual Caroga Lake Chamber Music Festival will perform a free concert at the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow on Saturday, Aug. 17 at 4 p.m. The Festival showcases artists from across the country who attend or have attended premiere music conservatories and music schools, as well as faculty from San Diego State School of Music. Kyle Price, artistic director and cellist, said the Festival Ensemble will perform favorite chamber works by Mendelssohn, Barber, Shostakovich and others. Theyoung artists have appeared on NPR's From the Top and won various prizes at international solo and chamber music competitions. A free will offering will be taken at the concert.


  • Church Exhibit at Warner Library

    Jonathan Odell choir bookWarner Library in Tarrytown is hosting a month-long exhibit of artifacts from the archive of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow. Among the items on display in the lobby are a 17th-century toaster, an 18th-century "Martin Luther" bible in Dutch, an early handmade choir book (pictured left) belonging to Revolutionary War patriot and tavern owner Jonathan Odell, a bible belonging to Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Tassel, and Washington Irving's pledge to help pay off church debt.

  • Look What's Happening at Old Dutch!

    Old Dutch wrapped up its summer music program, "Seven Sundays: A Celebration of Music in Worship," on Aug. 5 with a "by request" hymn sing. During the series, which began in late June, a different musician performed each Sunday. The program was made possible by the VanderHart Fund, created to provide musical  and educational opportunities for our church and community.The 2012 series featured singer-songwriter Rob Morsberger, Kazi Oliver and Friends on African drums, a quartet from Sing We Enchanted A Capella Choir, harpist Wendy Lucas; Cris Groenendaal & Sue Anderson performing Broadway tunes, and folksinger James Durst.

We are ...

  • Committed to God
  • Warmly Liturgical
  • Engaged with Community
  • Growing in Faith
  • Looking forward to meeting you!